Natural Resource Manufacturing

Abundant Resources. Tailored Training. Industrial Zoning Availability.

3 cups


3 cups


Forest Fire




Bark Beetle


1½ cups


Acres in need of Natural Resource Extraction in partnership with County Government and US Forest Service within 50 miles

895 Employed

Industrial Lease Avg
per SqFt
per year
Reason Why & Resources:

Tuolumne County is located in the heart of the Central Sierra Nevada mountain range with timber resources making up 70% of the county and access to Federally Declared Disaster Areas from the Butte and Rim Fire. Anecdotally, our region has enough raw natural resources within 50 miles to supply a company for 500 years.


Workforce Training:

In partnership with Columbia Community College in Tuolumne county, we work closely with Natural Resources companies to provide workforce training and apprenticeship opportunities through a Forestry and Natural Resources Program where candidates can receive an Associate in Science Degree or Certificate of Achievement.


Proximity Access:

With our central location in California, Tuolumne County companies
have access to rail systems, highways, ports and airports to ship products internationally.



The County of Tuolumne promises to work with any interested company to achieve their development goals, business success, and integration into the Tuolumne County community.

Proximity to Federally Declared Disaster Zones
Number of 25 year and older residents with a Bachelor's in Science/Engineering & Related